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Zhejiang Bo Rui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuji, Zhejiang, the beautiful hosiery machine capital. It is a knitting equipment manufacturer integrating R & D and processing. Its main products are hosiery machine and shoe upper machine. Investors are elites in the industry, have many years of experience in the production of accessories and complete machines, understand the needs of the market, very forward-looking.


Pre sales technical assistance

When we get requests from customers or potential customers who want to buy from us, our standard procedure is to provide the best solution to meet their needs.

Processing and production

When we obtain orders from customers, our standard procedure is to provide our loyal customers with a production schedule, including parts

After sales technical assistance

Only by being familiar with our products can our customers use them in the best way. We are committed to investing in customized training.

Professional training

Welding's service center can solve various technical problems and provide various types of spare parts in the shortest time.


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